Full Body Orgasm and 7 different Female orgasms

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Talking about male and female sexuality “full body orgasm” is not so often mentioned. For many people this is like talking about walking on the moon, they have no idea what it is and if it even exists.  

Full Body Orgasm

When a man or a woman gets an orgasm, then usually they have this intense feeling of release in the genital area. For men it comes with the ejaculation and for women often with the clitoris orgasm, sometimes with the lower vaginal orgasm. This orgasm is rather short, often very relaxing but not deeply satisfying. The satisfactory feeling in this orgasm is more superficial. To understand this better I have to explain, what goes on in the body during lovemaking.

Our body has 7 energy centers, called chakras. During lovemaking the energy grows in the lower energy centers and at one point it gets so big, that it needs to move. There are two options here: either it will be released from the body and it is wasted or it can be moved up in the body and it stays inside. When the energy stays inside, a person usually feels shivers, shaking, buzzing and fluctuations. Sometimes hands, legs and mouth can cramp up (this is actually good). This usually blows over after 10-15 minutes. When Your body is not used to such strong energy, then this can happen. But this orgasm is not a 3 second local feeling in the area of Your genitals, it can spread all over the body and in this case the orgasming comes from all over, also from Your brain. It can last from several minutes up to hours. This happens both for men and women. Trust me, we have done the research, working with hundreds of men and women.

Full body orgasm can be also activated without touching a person’s body or without intercourse. You can just move energy with Your hands. This is an exhilarating experience, but requires a person to be energetically receptive. Often women open up to this more easily, it can take a bit more time with men, but not always. Some men open up very easily, once they get out of their head.

During lovemaking people usually experience one orgasm.  After the orgasm they need a break and depending on a person sexual capability it can be 10 minutes or it can be 10 days. When experiencing internal orgasms or full body orgasms there is no energy loss and You can continue lovemaking for hours. After sex You will feel energized and powerful, not empty and depleted. Many men experience feelings of depression after ejaculation. They feel empty and tired and just want to roll over or empty the fridge, watch football and worse, have a cigarette.

Full body orgasm is liberating, relaxing and much deeper, it is a whole different world. Once you experience it, You will understand it. During a Tantric Therapy session there is often a lot of release of stress and tension that is stored in the body. Women often cry, laugh, scream etc. It shows that suppressed and stuck emotions are being freed from physical and emotional body. Men don’t cry, but they get often the same release of stress, they feel light and easy after.

How to achieve a full body orgasm ?

Men have to start separating orgasm and ejaculation. These two are not one and the same thing. These two functions come from two different parts of the brain. Separating these two will not come over night. Some men master this faster and for some it takes more time. Like everything else, this needs a lot of self-practice and lovemaking.  One amazing benefit that comes pretty quickly is that men learn to last longer in bed. Women need around 20 minute’s penetration to warm up in bed, but an average man lasts between 4-8 minutes. Your sex life will become so much better. One of the main reasons why women can’t have deep internal orgasms or any orgasm is that men can’t last long enough. 

Women are by their body structure born Tantric and it takes a bit more work for men to open up to these amazing experiences, but some men open up really fast. Although most women experience only clitoris orgasms, there are many women who also experience deep internal orgasms. Internal orgasms can be easily opened up for women with a Yoni (vagina) massage. Yoni massage helps to open up the sensitive spots inside the walls of the Yoni and the cervix. Women store negative emotions in the Yoni and that creates sexual blockages. During Yoni massage these blockages are being released and the Yoni will start to open up. You can try this at home, but when You have no idea what You are doing, there can be consequences. Better to learn this from someone who knows what they are doing. 

Here is the list of all the orgasms a woman can experience:

  1. Clitoral orgasm – as said before, most women experience this orgasm. It is very similar to male orgasm; short, fast and depleting. When a woman doesn’t want to continue with lovemaking, she most probably had a clitoral orgasm. Also her clitoris and nipples get gentle. Clitoral orgasm is not a bad orgasm, but women need to learn how to internalize it and move the energy inwards. This takes practice. Women who experience only clitoral orgasms usually lose interest towards sex, or do not want to have sex that often. They can also become emotionally cold and insensitive. Their need for intimacy becomes rather small. Some women are different, but I am talking about majority.
  1. Lower vaginal orgasm – comes from the entrance of vagina. Woman can lose energy with this orgasm too, but they can learn to internalize it.
  1. Inner vaginal orgasm – this includes the famous G-spot orgasm. There are different spots inside the Yoni and by stimulating them; woman can start to experience internal orgasms. If these spots are numb or painful, they need to be opened up by massaging them. And it is very important to train Yoni muscles. This helps to open up the internal orgasms too. This orgasm includes also the female ejaculation.
  1. Cervical-uterine orgasm – the deepest, most pleasurable and spiritual orgasm a woman can experience. This orgasm can change a woman completely. This is not always easily achieved, it takes time to open up the cervix and for most women the cervix is painful. 
  1. Anal orgasm – many women are afraid of anal sex and have had bad experiences. The orgasms that come from anal sex are amazing, powerful and liberating in many ways. Anus needs to be opened up with massage before with a finger very gently and remember to use oil. 
  1. Nipple orgasm – woman will experience this orgasm just by stimulation of her nipples or breasts. 
  1. Urinary orgasm – this is when a woman also pees at the same time while orgasming or when the man is inside of her. This needs a bit of practice. It is good to drink one liter of water before sex and then try to urinate during lovemaking. Please remember to cover Your bed and tell Your partner what You are doing :).  Many women that can’t orgasm, have a problem of letting go, they need to control all the time. This orgasm is perfect for practicing letting go.

Woman’s body is so amazing when it opens up. It is hard to describe with words what women can experience during lovemaking. Woman is the gateway and man is the key. Through the woman men can also reach powerful orgasms. When practicing Tantric lovemaking, partners can be together in long orgasms and experience altered states of consciousness. Who said that sex and spirituality have nothing in common? 

For those who have no interest in spirituality, they will have a much better quality in their lovemaking. Like one of our clients said: now I can make love instead of having sex. Good sex life will give Your relationship a boost and Your relationship effects everything in Your life. 

Almost every woman can experience female ejaculation. I have seen in my practice only two women who had it just few drops, but I think for them it just takes more time to open up. When experiencing female ejaculation first time, it can be sometimes a little unpleasant. During the ejaculation usually a lot of stuck emotions are released, especially first time. After second or third time it becomes very pleasant and women just want to experience it more and more. It can be very pleasurable the first time too. 

It is said in Tantra that the female ejaculation is one of the mystical powers of a woman. This is a clear, odorless, sweet tasting secretion. During the ejaculation there can come up to 1 l of this fluid that comes out of the woman’s body. If You would make an x-ray of woman’s body, there is no place where this liquid is stored. 

Tantra says that it is sexual energy that turns into matter. We have also noticed that after having the female ejaculation, they releasing fluids from the body, especially from the abdominal area. Women often notice that they start losing weight. It helps Your metabolism to start working better. Please don’t take this as a weight loss method. It rather releases stress from the body. 

Not every therapist can open women’s ability to ejaculate. If You go to a therapist and You do not experience, it doesn’t mean You can not ejaculate. You can, but it takes the right technique to make a woman ejaculate.