Price List

Consultation, 1h                                                               100 EUR

Skype sessions, 1h                                                           100 EUR 

First Tantric Massage session for women, 3h               250 EUR

Second Tantric Massage session for women, 2h          200 EUR

Remote session of activation of Vital Energy

and Release from the Energy Blockages, 1h                  100 EUR

First Tantric Massage session for men, 3h                     250 EUR

Second Tantric Massage session for men, 2h                200 EUR

Private Yoni/Lingam massage teaching

session, 3-4 h                                                                     300 EUR


Weekend and evening appointments are only by  prior agreement.


NB! When booking a session please note that You can cancel the session 24 hours before without a cancellation fee. Cancelling later than 24 hours, 48 hours on the weekend or not coming to the session costs the price of the session.

Please respect Your and Our time.


With the first massage session we will have a consultation, in which we can get to know each other a little better. It will help us to understand better what are Your needs and how we can help You.  After the first session we will give You techniques that You can start practicing at home. First consultation lasts 30min-1h.


NB! Before the session it is not good to have a full stomach, drink coffee, any energy drinks, use alcohol or tobacco products.


You can buy a Tantra massage gift certificate for Your Friend or Lover.

Tantric massage is a perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary.