Tantra Therapist Training,
Tantra Retreat

Tantra Therapist Training, Tantra Retreat

Tantric Therapy Training: A Holistic Approach to Sexual Energy and Healing

In the realm of holistic therapies, Tantric Therapy is emerging as a transformative practice that harnesses one’s sexual energy for healing and personal growth. With the power to open and heal individuals through the potent force of creation itself, this form of therapy delves into the depths of what our sexuality truly represents and its capacity to reshape our lives.

A staggering 90% of the population remains unaware of the true essence of sexuality and the profound influence it wields daily. Beyond its basic functions for procreation and release, conscious engagement with our sexual energy can revolutionize our self-relationships, interpersonal connections, health, and life aspirations, unlocking our full potential in femininity or masculinity.

Tantric Therapy is one of the forms of holistic therapy that is becoming more and more popular.

With Tantric Therapy You can heal and open up people through their own sexual energy. Our sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the Universe, it is the energy of creation.

About 90% of people have no idea what sexuality truly is about and how powerful tool we have in our hands every day. Sex is mainly used for having children and for emotional and physical discharge.

When using sexuality consciously  we can change our relationship with ourselves with other people, our health and create our life exactly the way we want it. Also open up our femininity or masculinity in depth. 

regularlThe profession of a Tantra Therapist suites a person who is bold and open minded.

More and more people understand how important sexuality in their life is. Using sexual energy the wrong way makes us weak, sick and unhappy, but using it properly will create wonders. Using sexual energy is one of the well kept secrets that the world’s most successful and powerful and happiest people have known for ages. 

  • The profession of a Tantra Therapist gives You and and opportunity to work with many different people
  • It is interesting and brings a lot of growth to You
  • Through Tantra Therapy sessions You can practice sharing unconditional love with other people
  • This work gives You an opportunity to make Your own schedule and work at home
  • Low costs but excellent income
  • You can take a vacation whenever You want
  • You can have this as Your main job or you can do this as a second job, working on weekends and/or evenings
  • Your options are limitless: there are people everywhere who have problems with sexuality and relationships
  • Your works is fulfilling and is making other peoples life better and through that Your life will become meaningfull
  • You can take this profession where ever You go, to every part of the world

In these two weeks You will get a deep understanding of Tantric sexuality and You will learn many different massage techniques and the important Tantric principles.

This training can be a life changing event for You

Practicing Hatha Yoga for every day, giving and receiving tantra massage sessions, You can go through a deep of process opening. Each participant will give and receive 12 tantric massage session during these two weeks. That in itself is a powerful experience and is deeply enlarging to You own sexuality. 

In this training we will teach You how to heal and help men and woman open up into their sexuality, how to consult Your clients with relationship and health issues. We will teach You how to teach and work with couples, how to protect and cleanse Yourself energetically. 

This training is also perfect for someone who wants to get a really deep understanding about sexuality and Tantra and who doesn’t want to become a Tantra Therapist. This training will give You a perfect opportunity to spend time in a spiritual-tantric environment, to give and receive tantric therapy sessions  In addition You will get to practice Hatha Yoga, meditation, pranayama and Tantric games and exercises.

During the training we will support our body by eating only vegetarian food, avoiding animal products and white sugar.

Training will be held by Tantra Therapists Urmas Silman.

Urmas has been active in spirituality since his early twenties and has been active in the field of Tantra since 2011. Urmas has lot of experience in massage therapy and in energy work. Urmas works daily as a Tantric Therapist and has worked with hundreds of women successfully. Urmas teaches regularly Tantra massage workshops.

In our training I will share with You my knowledge and practical experiences that I have learned in trainings and through my daily work.


Tantra Therapist Training SYLLABUS 

Tantric Theory

Tantric Theory encompasses a broad spectrum of teachings and practices rooted in Tantra, a spiritual tradition that originated in ancient India. It’s a comprehensive system that integrates spirituality, sexuality, and consciousness to facilitate personal growth, emotional healing, and the transcendence of ordinary states of being. Tantric Theory is not monolithic but varies across different schools and traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, each with its unique practices and philosophical underpinnings.

At its core, Tantric Theory revolves around several key concepts:

  • Understanding the true meaning of sexuality
  • What is Tantra – classifications of Tantra
  • Principles of Tantra – Brahmacharya, Transfiguration, Sublimation etc.
  • 7 Chakra system
  • Sexuality on chakras
  • Sexual blockages on chakras
  • Polarity of energy
  • Symbols of Yoni & Lingam
  • Using the sexual energy for healing and creation
  • Tantric exercises for understanding the theory
  • Tantra and Chinese Taoism
  • 7 types of orgasms for women
  • Distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men – the pleasure curve
  • Shiva & Shakti – female and male archetypes
  • Animus & Anima – the inner woman & inner man – how it is related to our relationships
  • Aspect of purification in the level of 5 bodies when entering Tantra
  • STD’s
  • Aspects of Tantric Astrology

Massage techniques

  • Body massage techniques
  • Yoni massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Anal massage
  • Breast massage
  • Marma massage
  • Energetical massage-Karezza
  • Techniques for opening blockages in the body


  • Female anatomy
  • Male anatomy 


Self protection and cleansing techniques

  • Hatha Yoga program – 12 asanas for balancing, cleansing and sublimation, pranayama, meditation
  • Exercises for men and women – Kegel and PC muscles
  • Protection techniques
  • How to break the energetic connection between the client and the therapist
  • Therapy sessions for Yourself
  • Different cleansing techniques for the 5 bodies

How to open and heal women

  • Women who cannot have orgasms
  • Women who experience only clitoris orgasms
  • Vaginal infections and urinary infections
  • Breathing techniques for the session
  • Rape & abuse victims
  • Vaginismus
  • Cysts
  • Different types of cancer – cervical, ovarian, breast
  • Problems with femininity
  • Problems in relationships
  • Homework for Your female clients

How to open and heal men

  • Erection problems
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Prostate problems
  • Rape & abuse victims
  • Different types of cancer
  • How to remove blockages and open the multi-orgasmic ability for men
  • Breathing techniques for the session
  • Problems with masculinity
  • Homework for male clients
  • Issues for men in relationship

How to work with couples

  • Couple counseling
  • How to train couples for Yoni & Lingam massage
  • How to help couples get back connection, intimacy and sexuality
  • Homework for couples

Nutrition and purification for the client

  • Macrobiotics – Yin and Yang balance in the body
  • Alkaline/Acid balance in the body
  • How to have a more whole lifestyle
  • Easy Yogic cleanses to help cleanse and balance


Client and Therapist relationship

  • Ethical issues
  • Explanation of the energetic side of a session
  • When is it necessary to cancel or refuse a session
  • Requirements for the client when coming to a session
  • How to make sure You have clients with the right intention
  • When client is crossing boundaries
  • Client/therapist contract
  • How to have an excellent session – creating a feeling and atmosphere for the client
  • Connecting with the client – samyama or identification

How to get started

  • What do You need for work – tools, table, massage mats etc
  • Keeping Yourself in a constant growth
  • Oils and other items
  • Marketing  – website, emails etc.
  • Recommended books for therapist

Tantra massage in Tallinn

Tantra massage in Tallinn. A voyage of discovery into the world of your deeper femininity.

Tantra Massage, also known as Tantra Therapy, is a holistic approach to our body and sexuality. Tantra Massage combines ancient Tantric teachings and massage techniques, offering a unique way to heal our physical and emotional bodies.

It is an intimate art of bodywork that expands our understanding of sexuality and helps us discover new dimensions of pleasure. At the same time, releasing the physical, energetic and emotional blocks in our bodies.

Tantramassaaž Tallinnas Urmas Silman

A woman’s sexual opening in a Tantra massage session

Each day I see in my work women who cannot orgasm at all, can’t have internal orgasms or their sexuality is completely asleep.

Because of that their relationships with their partner’s suffer, also their health and their overall wellbeing. I can see more clearly how important it is to start paying attention to this part of their being, instead of ignoring it. Many men are desperate in relationships.

woman sexual opemning during tantra massage session

Full Body Orgasm

Talking about male and female sexuality “full body orgasm” is not so often mentioned.

For many people this is like talking about walking on the moon, they have no idea what it is and if it even exists. Full Body Orgasm When a man or a woman gets an orgasm, then usually they have this intense feeling of release in the genital area. For men it comes with the ejaculation and for women often with the clitoris orgasm, sometimes with the lower vaginal orgasm.

full body orgasm urmas silman therapy

Yoni massage in Tallinn

Yoni massage is a type of Tantric massage that specifically focuses on the female genitalia and reproductive system, known as “Yoni” in Sanskrit, which translates to “sacred space” or “sacred temple.”

In Tantra, the Yoni is seen as a source of life and a place of deep wisdom and pleasure.

yoni masssage in tallinn

Blockage release massage

Massage for Releasing Blockages: A Life Quality Changer

Massage therapy has proven its effectiveness over time in alleviating a variety of health issues. One of the most significant forms of massage is the blockage-releasing massage, which focuses on restoring the balance of body and mind by releasing both physical and emotional blockages.

Blockage release massage

Marma massage

Marma Massage: Ancient Asian Healing Art

Originating from traditional Indian medicine, Marma massage is a unique therapy that combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques to offer a holistic approach to mind-body health. This article delves into the world of Marma massage, discovering its origins, techniques and benefits.

marma massage urmas silman

What does the phrase Tantra Man mean

For many people the meaning of the mystic-sounding phrase Tantric man is quite unknown.

It sounds somewhat unearthly and many woman dream about a Tantric man entering their lives who should somehow magically solve all of her problems and make her happy at long last.

tantra retriit urmas silman

Tantric massage and Polarity

The whole universe and all forms of life within it are working as a mutual interaction of positive (+) and negative (-) energies.

Starting from the energetic (+)/(-) connections at the atomic level, forming the tangible and realistically comprehensible matter, up to the rather elusive solar system and galaxies.

tantric massage and polarity by urmas silman

Tantric massage and Menstruation

Once a month, on an average, women have a menstrual cycle of varying length and often a massage session coincides with the cycle.

Menstruation For most women this creates an unpleasant situation where they would like to come to the session but are afraid because they have feelings of shame and embarrassment related with their menstruation.

tantramassaaz ja manstruatsioon urmas silman

Anima and Animus

Anima Derived from Latin meaning “a current of air, wind, breath, the vital principle, life, soul”, the Anima refers to the unconscious feminine dimension of a male which can often be forgotten or repressed in daily life.

However, in order to psychologically progress and reach greater internal balance and harmony, it is necessary for a man to recognize, embrace and connect to this latent element of his character.

anima ja animus tantra urmas silman

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the tantric lifestyle, please contact me.