Sexuality is where it all begins, sexual energy is where life is created. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the Universe, it is the energy of creation. Tantra.

Today sexuality is often misunderstood and for many a taboo subject. Most people use sexuality only to have children and to emotionally unload themselves.

Ancient cultures pass on teachings to us, unlocking the true potential of sexuality and showing us that sexuality is something sacred and magical. In order to understand all this, we need to expand our knowledge of sexuality and learn to use our sexual energy correctly and consciously.

I know from my own experience that through sexuality, many aspects of a person’s life can be healed. This is why I have chosen Tantra Therapy as my work.

How does Tantra Massage Therapy differ from conventional therapy? Instead of talking about problems for hours, together we try to find solutions through your body. I help people open up energetically, change their attitude towards sexuality and through this, relationships and daily quality of life usually improve. Through Tantra Massage Therapy you can feel more alive in your body, experience more pleasure and change your relationship with yourself and others.

If you want to change your attitude towards sexuality, expand your body’s sensitivity and energetic perception, then Tantra Therapy is for you. I help women to discover and open up more of their femininity and men to discover their masculinity.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a time to meet and together we can find the best solution for you.

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