Woman’s Healing Orgasm in Tallinn 12.09.



Woman’s Healing Orgasm / 1 day workshop for women

This workshop is for women only and ideal for both single women and women in relationship. Every woman is capable of finding a while world in themselves and be fully happy when she is and is not in a relationship.

Topics of the workshop:

– What is Tantra and what does it mean to be a Tantric Woman 

– 7 chakras and how they effect us and our sexuality

– Woman, sex and love 

– 7 types of female orgasms

– Amazing, powerful and mystical female ejaculation

– How to save Your precious life energy 

– Yoni massage

– Energetical full body orgasm


What does a happy, self-loving, sexy and feminine woman look like?

It is a woman that feel wonderful in her body, she knows the true depth and power of her own sexuality. She knows the gift she is carrying. She has a deep connection to her Yoni, her second heart. Because of her immense self-love, she has a lot of love to share with others.

In this one day workshops, Tantric massage therapist Katrin Silman will share knowledge about Tantra for women. How to understand deeply Your own sexuality, how to start loving Yourself more and how to be more happier, healthier and more feminine.


In addition to theory we will learn our true orgasmic potential, true our own body and our own Yoni. Every woman will give and receive one Yoni massage session in the workshop. Yoni massage is a wonderful experience for  a woman and a gateway to open up her orgasmic potential. Through a Yoni massage blockages related to sexuality will be often removed and a deeper connection to Your Yoni is created. A Tantric Woman is a free soul, who dances through this life.



Seminar will take place in 12.09.2015, at 10.00-20.00 in Tallinn. 

Seminar will be held in Estonian with translation to English if needed.

Workshop price 120 EUR. Early bird price 100 EUR until 12.08.


Please send e-mail for registration:

tel. +372 5088840