Tantra Massage Workshop Vol.1 in Riga 1.-2.04.2023

Tantra Massage Workshop Vol 1.  

Tantra Massage workshop for beginners and advanced

Both days from 10.00 -21.00

In 2 days You will learn:
– Body massage techniques
– Marma points massage (energy points on the body)
– Yoni & Lingam massage
– Breast massage
– Energetical massage – Karezza
– How to open up energetical full body orgasms


Practicing Tantra massage will help You heal Your sexuality, Your health and Your relationships with Yourself and others. Many problems that we are facing every day are related to misuse of our sexual energy.
When Your sex life thrives, all other areas of your life are also working much better. You become happier, healthier and You will experience a lot of growth in Your life.
Tantra massage is amazing for couples who have been in a relationship for a long time and want to freshen up their sexuality.


You will learn:
7 different types of female orgasm
Through tantra massage women can start experiencing internal orgasms or open up new types of orgasms, that they have not experienced before.
Women who have never experienced orgasms often open up during the workshop and experience some type of orgasm.
In the workshop we also introduce the female ejaculation and every woman will get to experience it. This is one of the mystical powers of a woman, but very few women know anything about it. Opening up the female ejaculation is one of the most powerful and liberating experiences a woman can have.
Tantra massage is very helpful for women who are regularly having problems with their Yoni, cysts, infections etc.
A woman who discovers her full orgasmic potential is radiant and shining, self-confident, sexy and liberated…


For men Tantra massage open up energetical full body orgasms, makes them amazing lovers that can last for hours in bed.
Helps with erectile dysfunction problems and in cases of premature ejaculation. It will teach men how to start separating orgasm and ejaculation.
It is a great relief for stress and depression.

Our training will be held in English language with translation to Latvian if needed.
You can join the group alone or in couple.

To participate in our workshop You need and open mind, courage and respect for others.

Training will be held by Tantra Therapist Urmas Silman.

Urmas has been active in spirituality since his early twenties and has been active in the field of Tantra since 2011. Urmas has lot of experience in massage therapy and in energy work. Urmas works daily as a Tantric Therapist and has worked with hundreds of women successfully. Urmas teaches Tantra massage workshops in Bali, Thailand, India, Latvia, Russia and Estonia.

In our workshop we will share with You our knowledge and practical experiences that we have learned in our training’s and through our work.

Both days from 10.00 -21.00

Price of the workshop is 250 EUR. For early bird registration until 20.03.2023 is 220 EUR.
Price for couples is 450 EUR and early bird registration until 20.03.2023 for couples is 400 EUR.

For participation please send e-mail:


tel. +372 5034356

or contact IrinaLivija ; +371 29440843