Tantra retreat – Experiental Tantra, Tallinn, 2.-3.12.2017

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Experiental Tantra is an intense two days retreat consisting of various energetic bodywork and different tantric exercises to help you to release emotional and energetic blockages and raise your body physical and energetic sensitivity.

Our senses, perception and pleasure can build a bridge for us to achieve a higher level of consciousness, inner peace and emotional well being…

If we open ourselves and let it happen.


TIME: 2.-3. December 2017. at 10.00 – 20.00

WHERE: City Yoga, Niine 11, Tallinn

WHOM: for Men and Woman, you are welcome to join alone or with a partner

LANGUAGE: Estonian with translation to English on request

PARTICIPATION FEE: early bird price 170 eur, couples 330 eur before 02.11.17, after 200 eur, couples 360 eur.

REGISTRATION AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: urmassilman@gmail.com,  tel. +372 5034356


You will be expanding the perception of your senses and sensitivity of  your body, raise your energetic vibration and practice being in the present moment during this two days intensive retreat.

You will be able to experience opening of potential of your life energy, ecstasy and joy of being in the safe and supporting environment. 

The practices will help you to release rooted thinking and behavioral patterns, which stop us from enjoying our lives to the full potential.

The aim of tantra is not only the sexual ecstasy and pleasure, but also deep personal growth. Willingness to break free from prejudices, rooted thinking and behavioral patterns. Let go of victim mentality, live freely and happily.

During the retreat we will get to know better our inner male (Animus) and  female (Anima). Accept them in our self and in our partner, to achieve a better inner balance. We will work with darker side of inner male (father) and female (mother) energy and release unresolved issues connected to our parents.

We will learn and practice giving and receiving energetic massage Karezza and how to consciously direct and use our sexual energy.

The intense Experiental Tantra retreat is an open, safe and full of fun environment for everybody who are willing to expand their personal freedom, bring more lightness and joy in their life.

Nudity is not required.


Tantric therapist Urmas Silman and Karine Terzjan will be supporting you on this journey.

Urmas has gained his Tantra and Hatha Yoga knowledge mainly in Agama Yoga School and has taught yoga and tantra in Bali, India, Thailand, Latvia, Russia and Estonia.


For participation please send e-mail:


tel. +372 5034356