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Sublimation of energy

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Sublimation of energy means that energy with a lower vibrational frequency is transformed into a higher vibrational energy. Sexual energy can be transformed into love or intellectual energy for example. We can change different energies within us into other types of energies by channeling the energy from a chosen chakra to other chakras. While making love a great amount of energy is activated in the lower chakras, Muladhara and Svadisthana. After finishing lovemaking, energy has risen to the upper chakras. Thus, tantric lovemaking in energetic sense is not different from sublimating sexual energy to higher chakras. A similar process happens with burning fire. When we place firewood – material, hard and heavy, representing Muladhara energy – in fire, the weightless and invisible energy of light and warmth is released. Similarly, the sexual fluids of our bodies, sperm for men and menstrual blood for women, can be transformed into lighter energies – love, intuition, intelligence, spirituality and other non-material energies that are lighter and of higher vibrational frequency.  If sexual energy doesn’t transform into a more sublime and higher frequency energy during tantric intercourse, it is actually quite a tragedy. The more we make love the more we collect energy in the second chakra. If we make love for hours and don’t release sexual energy from the body, our Svadisthana chakra becomes very big. However, Svadisthana is the center of our emotions, so we may become very unbalanced emotionally. This also happens when practicing red tantra. In case of red tantra, lovemaking is done in a tantric way but without sublimating energy. They love to enjoy sex and experience powerful pleasures at Svadisthana chakra level, not wishing to reach higher meditative states. Tantrics have discovered that intense pleasure and powerful orgasms will invoke the activation of sexual/life energy that can assist in the awakening of consciousness and reaching higher states of consciousness. Tantric sex means conscious control and withholding of sexual energy, avoiding explosive orgasms, while sublimating energy into the higher chakras. The energy, not lost through explosive orgasms, is channeled to higher chakras and used consciously for other purposes. Thus, sublimation is critical in the practice of tantra. If you are taught tantra without teaching sublimation, the teaching is incomplete. When experienced tantrics are making love for an hour, they may feel energy rising up to the area of chest and head and not being in the genital area any more. In case of men it means that they need to learn to differentiate orgasm from ejaculation. Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same and men are able to experience orgasms without ejaculating. Orgasm is an ecstatic state. Usually we can experience this state of ecstasy and bliss for a few seconds only, because sexual energy exits the body and we are not able to stay longer in this state. Tantric practices teach us how to stay in this state of ecstasy for much longer. It may last 10, 20, 30 minutes and this experience is much deeper and gives us a glimpse of the actual spiritual nature of sexuality. Men don’t need to ejaculate in order to experience the state of orgasm. The simultaneous activation of orgasm and ejaculation is a reflex learned by our body and mind. In reality, different parts of brain are activated with orgasm and ejaculation and these can be differentiated and experienced separately. Tantra and modern medicine say that they don’t need to happen together. Men can experience orgasms without ejaculation and also ejaculate without having an orgasm. We are used to experiencing these together and we have trained our body to work...

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Energetic polarity

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Energetic polarity From the tantric viewpoint one of the attributes of energy is polarity. Energy carries Yin or Yang polarity, a – or + sign. Yin energy is feminine, lunar energy with – sign. Yang energy is masculine, solar energy with + sign. In tantra it is believed that a male body accumulates more of the Yang energy and female body accumulates more of the Yin energy, but it doesn’t always work like this. When practicing tantra we constantly work with ourselves to make the energetic polarity between men and women work. The purpose of practicing yoga is to activate and balance masculine and feminine energies within oneself 50/50. In tantra that’s not the goal, as in the 50/50 state a person will become energetically androgynous, half male, half female. 50/50 man and woman would sit, look at each other, hold hands, but they wouldn’t feel energetic or sexual attraction towards each other because there is no polarity between them. A man in a strong masculine energy attracts a woman in a strong feminine energy. If you have much feminine energy, you are very sensitive and emotional but unable to control yourself. You feel much but you cannot deal with what you feel. If you are in a masculine energy, you don’t feel much and you are able to control and suppress everything within yourself. The goal of yoga practices is to balance yourself and the sexual aspect is not important. Our soul doesn’t have a gender. The soul sometimes incarnates in a male, sometimes in a female body, and if I wish to gain a connection to my soul, I’ll have to overcome sexuality. To be a non-man and non-woman. In ascetic religions where non-sexual spirituality is practiced, sexual identity doesn’t hold any importance and the practicing women may become more masculine and men can become more feminine. We can balance the energy in our bodies in three different ways: On bodily level using Hatha Yoga, by activating our body’s left (Yin) and right (Yang) side. By nutrition, eating foods that carry more Yin or Yang energy. By using tantric practices where partners balance each other’s energies. If a woman has a lot of sensitive and emotional Yin energy, she gives it to the man and the man gives balancing and stabilizing Yang energy to the woman. The drawback of such balancing is that when your partner leaves for a period or when you end your relationship, you’ll be out of balance. That’s why you would have to be able to balance yourself as well, without the help from your partner. Balancing of polarities is what happens between a man and a woman during a sexual intercourse. The woman gives the man feminine energy. The man will feel more sensitive, relaxed and sentimental after the intercourse. The man gives masculine energy to the woman and she will feel more balanced, calm and able to control her emotions better after the intercourse. In tantra it is as if we were in a role play. We know that we are actually souls with no polarities, but since I was born as a male in this life, I’ll carry more masculine energy, and those who are born as female, carry more feminine energy. If I want to practice tantric yoga, I’ll consciously choose ways to keep myself more in the masculine or feminine energy. Being 50/50 balanced would mean that I’m nobody in a tantric sense. 50/50 man and woman are not sexually interested in each other as there is no sexual attraction between them. An 80% Yang and 20% Yin...

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Chakras and sexuality

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Energy works in human body mainly through 7 chakras There are 7 most important energy centers in human body and each of them represents a different energetic aspect of the universe or an element. Starting from the lowest chakra where energy is heavier and has a slower/lower vibration and moving upwards where energy is lighter and has a faster/higher vibration. Starting from a more material form of energy and turning into a more spiritual energy upwards. Energy is divided between the 7 energy centers and each of them symbolizes something from the universe. Sexuality-related qualities of chakras. Muladhara chakra is located in the perineum area and it is carrying the energy of the Earth and it is a chakra with the heaviest energy. It is an energy ball with a diameter of ca 4-5 cm. Muladhara’s sexuality is the simplest, a powerful and animalistic form of expressing sexuality. Men and women with strong Muladhara energy are sexually very vital and they need a physically strong, intensive and longer lasting sexual intercourse to get satisfaction. Muladhara chakra consciousness can be more open in people whose astrologic signs are of the Earth element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.  There are women who say that if the man doesn’t grab her strongly and doesn’t take her powerfully, then sex doesn’t give much pleasure to her. Gentle caressing doesn’t excite her. This is a psychological need that depends on the energetic level of the person. Muladhara chakra’s energy is the most materialistic in its nature and it works mostly at the physical, bodily level. Svadisthana chakra is located on the pubic bone, for men 3 fingers above the penis and for women 3 fingers above the clitoris and it is related to the element of water. This chakra is related to our instincts, emotions, fantasies and creativity. Svadisthana chakra is the most evolved and represented on our planet, as most of the Earth (ca 70%) is covered with water and also ca 70% of human body comprises of water, so the consciousness of humankind is mostly at the level of the water element. Most of the person’s sexuality is located in this chakra and sometimes it is also called the sexual chakra, as it is connected to the sexual organs. For most people, Svadisthana chakra is activated when sexually aroused. The second chakra is where our sexual fantasies come from. If you like to be sexual in water, sea, bathtub or shower, if you are excited by wet t-shirts and wet and wild sexuality, all of this is on the level of the second chakra. If a woman walks on the street, moving her hips sexually, and a man feels arousal while seeing it, that’s on the level of the second chakra. If a man and a woman are making love and their bodies are undulating in a flowing way, that’s on the level of the second chakra. The sex on the Svadisthana level is wet, a lot of sexual bodily fluids are excreted, the woman is wet, the man excretes a lot of lubricant, the bodies are wet and sweaty. The partners kiss and lick each other all over the body, give oral sex. Svadisthana chakra consciousness can be more open in people who are astrologically of a water sign: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Some people have blockages at the level of Svadisthana chakra and they don’t like it at all. They are not excited by wet and sweaty bodies, they rather tend to be repulsed by it. Some women like their breasts to be kissed and licked, some women don’t like this...

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